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08:00-09:00 Graduate students' short talks (Chair: Ki Hyun Kim)
08:30-09:00 Registration and Poster mounting
09:00-09:20 Opening remarks (Ik-Soo Lee, President of KSP)
Congratulatory address
09:20-09:30 Photo-time
09:30-11:30 Plenary Lectures (Chair: Dong-Chan Oh)

• PL-1 Chris M. Ireland (University of Utah, USA)
     The Power of Combining Natural Products Chemical Diversity with High Content Drug Screening
• PL-2 Kirk R. Gustafson (National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD, USA)
     Novel Natural Product Modulators of Cancer Targets, Processes, and Phenotypes
• PL-3 Thomas Efferth (University of Mainz, Germany)
     Beyond Malaria: Second Career of Artesunate as Cancer Drug
11:30-11:40 Coffee Break
11:40-12:20 2016 KSP award lecture
12:20-13:20 Lunch
13:20-14:00 Poster session (Standing)
14:00~15:30 SESSION A
Potential bioactive natural resources
(Chair: Rack Seon Seong)
Modernization of Korean traditional medicine
(Chair: Hyun Jung Kim)
New perspectives on Korean traditional medicine research
(Chair: Mi-Jeong Ahn)
• SA-1 Hye-Kyung Na
(Sungshin Women's University)
Curcumin restores the expression of 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase suppressed by Helicobacter pylori
• SA-2 Sung Hwan Ki
(Chosun University)
Hepatoprotective action of O-methylated flavonol isorhamnetin from Oenanthe javanica
• SA-3 Chul Yung Choi
(Jeonnam Bioindustry Foundation)
Bioactivities of Dendropnax morbifera for natural therapeutic agents
• SB-1 Hyun Woo Cho (NIKOM)
Basic standardization project for herbal medicinal materials of Korean indigenous resources
• SB-2 Jai-Hyun So (NIKOM)
Herb medicine development through bioconversion technology
• SB-3 Hwa Dong Lee (NIKOM)
Modernization of formulation of herbal medicinal products
• SB-4 Seong-ho Ham (NIKOM)
Pharmacological standardization of traditional Korean medicinal preparation
• SC-1 Won-Kyung Cho (KIOM)
Effectiveness of novel herbal medicine, KIOM-MA128 on the treatment of atopic dermatitis
• SC-2 Aeyung Kim (KIOM)
Study on the herbal medicine ameliorating cancer-induced cachexia
• SC-3 Kwang Il Park (KIOM)
Herbal formulas KIOM-MA128 ameliorate IL6-induced intestinal barrier dysfunction in colon cancer cell line
15:30~15:50 Coffee Break
15:50-17:20 SESSION D
Natural therapeutics for severe diseases
(Chair: Dongho Lee)
Potential microbial natural products
(Chair: MinKyun Na)
Young scientists research talks
(Chair: Sang-Jip Nam)
• SD-1 Darren R. Williams (GIST)
Natural product derivative BIO improves recovery after myocardial infarction by modulating the cardiac microenvironment
• SD-2 Sang Hyun Sung
(Seoul National University)
Lessons learned from the development of herbal cognitive-enhancing dietary supplement: A standardized Betulae Cortex extract
• SD-3 Byung Sun Min
(Catholic University of Daegu)
Development of active compounds from Erythrophleum fordii for the treatment of vascular diseases
• SE-1 Hyung-Jin Kwon
(Myongji University)
Biochemical genomics on fungal polyketide biosynthesis; the study case on Monascus purpureus
• SE-2 Grace Choi
(National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea)
Plenty new marine bacteria and unknown alkaloids production
• SE-3 Hahk-Soo Kang
(Konkuk University)
Metagenomics approach for the discovery of new microbial natural products
• SF-1 Jae-Young Kwon (KIST)
Bioactive constituents originated from plant and fungal sources
• SF-2 Hyun Gyu Choi
(Duksung Women's University)
Chemical constituents isolated from Codonopsis Pilosulae Radix, Linderae Ramulus, Angelicae Tenuissimae Radix, and Amomi Fructus along with their anti-allergic inflammatory activity
• SF-3 Soohyun Um
(Seoul National University)
Discovery of new peptide secondary metabolites from bacteria
17:20-17:30 Break
17:30-20:30 Reception